About Us

We are Luis & Laura, founders of Thank You Jesus Company. We're also San Diego natives who regularly find beauty all around our coastal city and marvel at the work of our Creator. With comfort first in mind, we wanted to create a Christian apparel brand that could make others feel the same feeling we get to experience every day  gratitude. 

Although we officially launched our brand in early 2023, God gave us this idea far before we were even dating... and married (crazy, right?). Fast forward to many years later, we stumbled upon the vision again and decided to stop overthinking & just go for it! There must be a reason why this kept coming up in our thoughts & conversation, and we're excited to live it out and see for ourselves. 

The important takeaway is this:

God gives us many reasons to feel blessed far beyond the mundane. He's with us in every breath we take, everywhere we go, and in everything we do. We hope our pieces can start conversations about the goodness of God, who He is, and what He's done for you & us. Don't forget to be in the present and stand in awe of God.

Stay Gr8ful,
Luis & Laura